The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9: In the prior episode, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” we saw Shaun and Lim resolve their differences and become more friends. As Perez’s feelings for Allen add another layer of complexity to an already complicated situation, he continues to experience perplexity and anxiety.

As the programme nears its autumn finale, viewers can look forward to several significant developments in the upcoming episode.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 Release Date

Season 6, episode 9 of The Good Doctor will air on ABC that Monday, December 12, 2022, at 10 p.m. ET. Fans and critics alike praised the current season for its excellent writing, compelling plots, and acting.

With several major plot points still to be resolved, viewers anticipate the winter finale with bated breath. In the upcoming episode, viewers will see more of the drama between Shawn, Lim, Perez, and others.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 Preview

In the forthcoming episode of The Good Doctor, titled “Broken or Not,” the tight dynamic between Daniel Perez and Danica Powell, who are now aggressively fighting against each other, will be explored. Dr. Reznick and Alex Park’s relationship appears to be heating up.

The protagonist of the compelling medical drama The Good Doctor is a young, brilliant doctor with autism named Shaun Murphy. Murphy relocates to San Jose, California, to work in a prestigious medical facility. The show portrays his life and the many difficulties he has faced.

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast
The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

Freddie Highmore plays Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor. Highmore’s stellar work as the series’ main character has won him widespread acclaim throughout the show’s six seasons.

Fans of Freddie Highmore’s acting will recognise him as Dr House from The Good Doctor and Norman Bates from the classic horror anthology Bates Motel. The Spiderwick Chronicles and The Vault were two of his other famous roles. The rest of the cast includes well-known actors, including Paige Spara, Savannah Welch, Brandon Larracuente, and dozens more.

The premiere of The Good Doctor on ABC is scheduled for the evening of Monday, December 12, 2022.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 9 Cast

  • Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy
  • Fiona Gubelmann as Dr. Morgan Reznick
  • Will Yun Lee as Dr. Alex Park
  • Christina Chang as Dr. Audrey Lim
  • Paige Spara as Lea Dilallo
  • Bria Henderson as Dr. Jordan Allen(as Bria Samoné Henderson)
  • Noah Galvin as Dr. Asher Wolke
  • Hill Harper as Dr. Marcus Andrews
  • Richard Schiff as Dr. Aaron Glassman
  • Lauren Akemi Bradley as Tori Vargas
  • Guy Christie as Dad

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The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast
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During the action-packed and dramatic third episode of The Good Doctor, viewers finally get a glimpse of the other doctors' humanity. 

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 3 follows Dr. Shaun Murphy as he travels to San Francisco with Dr. Claire Browne to get a liver for one of their patients. Claire struggles to communicate with Shaun, but she finally realizes that he will talk to her if she does not ask questions. 

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 2 was a huge improvement over the show's lackluster pilot, but the third episode is even better. 

In the first two episodes of the series, I struggled to connect with some of the show's secondary characters: Dr. Marcus Andrews, Dr. Neil Melendez, and Dr. Jared Kalu. They seemed completely heartless, making their scenes annoying to watch. 

In this episode, though, all three show some of the humanity I've been craving from them. I needed a reason to root for them, too, even if they are still uncomfortable with Shaun's employment at the hospital. 

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

As Drs. Melendez and Kalu fought for their patient Chuck to receive the liver, it was difficult not to be swept up into the emotion of it all. For the first time, I was truly rooting for them to win and was heartbroken when they did not in the end. 

Dr. Andrews still has a long way to go, but it was nice to see him let his guard down a bit as well. He was able to put his ego aside and work with Dr. Melendez.

In the other two episodes, Marcus has behaved like an immature boy, but this made him feel like an adult who is actually capable of running a hospital.

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

These three doctors all have serious God complexes, and I certainly don't expect that to go away anytime soon. 

Seeing a shred of humanity in them, though, makes me want to keep watching. It gives viewers a glimpse at their potential development. 

This is also giving the actors time to showcase their talent. In the previous episodes, Hill Harper, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Chuku Modu were all overshadowed by the talents of Freddie Highmore and Richard Schiff. 

However, because the audience finally wants to watch the scenes with these characters, Harper, Gonzalez, and Modu can shine a bit more. It makes the cast feel like an actual ensemble, which is necessary for a medical show to truly work. 

On the registry, all of us wait in line together. I see these people here waiting, I know their faces, even their names. They all have stories. We’re in it together, and I broke the rules.

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Claire and Shaun are also developing a nice relationship. It was great to see Claire finally understand something about Shaun. He needs someone else on his side besides Dr. Glassman.

Claire is starting to realize that Shaun can give the doctors a unique perspective on the patients. Throughout the episode, Shaun wants to know the donor patient's name, and he is quick to remind Claire that they still saved a life by getting the liver.

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

Claire's new connection with Dr. Murphy gives us a compelling relationship to watch unfold. Claire could be a great teammate and cheerleader for Shaun, and I'm excited to see where this relationship goes in the future. 

It was a good day. We saved a life, just not Chuck’s.

Dr. Shaun Murphy
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The hour featured strong writing, and the action kept me engaged entirely. It was wonderful feeling a strong connection to the main patient, something the previous outing lacked.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if the liver would make it to the hospital in time, and I was heartbroken when Chuck tocouldn't receive the liver at the end.  

The good doctor season 1 episode 3 cast

It still feels melodramatic and highly unrealistic, but I'm more willing to suspend my disbelief now than while watching the pilot. I finally have secondary characters to root for, and I'm not getting bored or distracted by other things while watching. 

I do want to learn more about board member Jessica Preston, played by Beau Garrett.

It's still unclear to me if we're supposed to root for her and Melendez as a couple. Right now, their relationship feels artificial, and I'm wondering why they were introduced as engaged from the onset.

It feels like a strange decision as expecting more interaction between the takes me out of whatever action is happening.

You didn’t get the email blast. Rich people aren’t allowed to die in this hospital.

Dr. Aaron Glassman
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I know all my questions cannot be answered so soon, but that relationship is now the one thing that I still find painful to watch.

I knew The Good Doctor had tremendous potential, and I'm so happy to say I was wrong about it being the fall's biggest disappointment so quickly after watching the pilot. 

Why was the character Claire written out of The Good Doctor?

In the show, Claire leaves after being offered a position at a clinic in Guatemala after four seasons of plenty of ups and downs. Speaking about welcoming her back onto the show at some point, executive producer David Shore said: "I'm not here to overpromise, but she wants to come back. We want her to come back.

Is Freddie Highmore married?

While on Bates Motel, Highmore developed a close friendship with co-star Vera Farmiga and became the godfather of her son. Apart from English, Highmore is also fluent in Spanish and French, and semi-fluent in Arabic. In a September 2021 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Highmore revealed that he had recently married.

Who is the little girl in The Good Doctor?

Paige Spara is an American actress. She is known for appearing in films such as Home Again (2017) and series such as The Good Doctor (2017). She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2008, and also studied acting for two years.

Who plays the blonde girl in The Good Doctor?

Fiona Victoria Gubelmann is a main actress on The Good Doctor, who portrays the role of Morgan Reznick.